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Stepping down as President

Posted 6 months ago by Shelagh Larson

After 7 years of honorably serving FWRNP, I have decided to step down to make room for new leaders. As I start my next journey serving on the TNP Executive Board, it makes sense to allow others to serve FWRNP. As FWRNP is my home affiliate I will still be attending meeting, recruiting members and hosting TNP Conference happy hours for us.

I have great memories accompanying this group into our time of growth. When I first came on we were NTNP Metro West, had about 60 members and the website was managed in the previous president's husbands home office. Now we offer scholarships, have a philanthropy, offer conferences subsidies, have standing room only meetings, and activities other than dinner meetings. We have been honored by TNP as the affiliate NP Changemaker Award in 2016. Through your dedication, we successfully raised more money for the TNP PAC than all other Texas affiliates combined. Our regional legislators know us, come to our functions, and fight for us. Our students are active participants in our programs. We are visible on social media. We have a large following. I am so proud to be a part of this dynamic group.

As I did not do all of this by myself, our future growth will not rest on the shoulders of one. It takes a village. I am pleased we have a conference in the planning, outside activities planned, and broke 225 members. FWRNP is on a forward design path. I have faith in your current board that they will surpass all dreams I had for FWRNP. In the interim, Chris Keil, who has proven she is more than ready to take the wheel, will be our president. We will holding a special election in December for president and the secretary position. I support Chris as your FWRNP president and have total faith in her abilities.

I want to thank you, the members, for allowing me the honor to serve you. It has been journey that I will be forever grateful. I look forward to our next chapter, together.


Shelagh Larson, DNP, APRN, WHNP-bc, NCMP