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Senate Bill 406 update

Posted over 5 years ago by Shelagh Larson

The House Public Health Committee yesterday morning took up and considered SB 406 by Senator Jane Nelson.  Representative Lois Kolkhorst, chair of the committee is the sponsor of the measure in the House and deserves our appreciation, along with Senator Nelson, for bringing together and building an agreement between organizations representing the medical and nursing associations. 

To help move the bill along and as a show of appreciation to the groups that negotiated the bill, Representative Kolkhorst took up SB 406 immediately upon convening the committee.  Four witnesses, including Jean Giesler, who is a member of TNP, TNA, and is immediate past chair of CNAP, testified in support of the bill.  Jean did a wonderful job representing all three organizations and we are thankful to have had her once again testify in support of SB 406.  In addition to Jean, TNP Executive Committee Members Mike Hazel and Lara Boyett were on hand and registered their support with the committee. 

The bill was left pending but only because the committee, subject to House rules, did not have a quorum.  We fully expect that the bill will be voted out of committee at some point in the upcoming week.  TNP is also thankful to our members who came to town to show support for SB 406 and to take part in legislative meetings.  In addition to Mike Hazel and Lara Boyett, Monica Alleman, Priscilla Reid, and Lynn Roberts all came to the Capitol to attend the hearing and take part in legislative meetings.  We are lucky to have such wonderful people representing TNP. 

Watch your inbox and I will let you know when SB 406 is on the move.  We are a step closer and we all will soon be celebrating once this bill has cross the finish line.