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Only prescribing provider's name will be on Rx

Posted over 5 years ago by Shelagh Larson

On June 7, the Texas Register posted rules adopted by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) and effective June 12, 2013. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy adopts amendments to §291.33, concerning Operational Standards.

The amendments clarify and update the section to be consistent with other sections; require documentation of a consultation with a prescriber regarding a prescription; require only the name of the prescriber on the prescription label and not the supervising physician for prescriptions issued by nurse practitioners and physician assistants; and change the days supply for alternate labeling from 34-day supply or 100 dosage units whichever is less to a 90-day supply.

H-E-B and the Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice (CNAP) provided comments regarding the proposed amendments. H-E-B agrees with requiring documentation of consultation with a prescriber for any questionable prescriptions, prior to dispensing. H-E-B commented that such verification will mitigate the potential for any possible dispensing errors of any prescriptions that are unclear. In addition, H-E-B believes this will increase the level of patient safety within the pharmacies. CNAP agrees the name of the prescribing practitioner or pharmacist who signed the prescription should be the only name that appears on the prescription label. CNAP commented that including both the name of the advanced practice nurse (APN) or physician assistant and the name of the supervising physician causes confusion for many patients. CNAP believes these proposed rule amendments will be positive for patients, practitioners, and pharmacists. The board agrees with these comments.