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Board meeting recommendations

Posted about 5 years ago by Shelagh Larson

NTNP-MW Officer’s Meeting

  • President Shelagh Larson
  • Vice-President LaShonda Burns
  • Treasurer Tami Ray
  • Secretary Diana Jones

Following issues were discussed:

It has been suggested fees be raised to $50 NP members.

Membership fees:
  • $30 student NP fees
  • $50 Active and Retired NPs & Associate

(Associate described as anyone who wishes to join but is not an NP)

Fiscal Membership: instead of fiscal year, it has been suggested we switch to annual membership. IE: Each individual will be paid in full for 1 year from time of payment instead of membership being determined January 1 to January 1 the following year. You will get notifications from website 60, 30 ,15, and 5 days prior to expiration as well as day of. You will receive an email confirmation of your paid membership; complete with a printable card indicating the date of expiration within minutes of paying your dues.

Benefits of raising the membership fee from $35 to $50 include the following:
  • Current paid up members will have full access to website
  • Scholarship opportunities for APN masters/doctoral program students
  • (NOTE TO FILE): completed paper work due June 1st, awarded first of August
  • Annual TNP Advocate donation depending on funds
  • A chance to win a full paid TNP conference registration fee (current members only)
  • Networking opportunities with APN’s throughout the community
  • Free monthly educational meetings with clinical practice updates
  • Legislative and Regulation Updates to keep you up to date on current issues
  • Above concerns will be presented at Monthly Meeting held September 24, 2013