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Memo from the NTNP MW Board

Posted about 5 years ago by Shelagh Larson

NTNP Metro West,

In the past few months, I have written our group about the proposal of raising our dues from $35/15 to $50/30 for active/associate members and students membership, respectively. These will go into effect starting January 1, 2014; should the vote pass. I will table the discussion for tomorrow night’s meeting as it is not the time to discuss NTNP Metro West business. Our webmaster has been updating our site so that when do decide to vote only those paid members can vote. Starting next meeting, only those that are current can attend the dinner meetings.

In the past, we did not know how to effectively keep track of who is going to the dinner meetings, current or non current members. Our contributions to the TNP Advocacy and future scholarships were also limited to those that keep current on dues. If everyone is current, then our organization can do more. I get it, sometimes time gets away from us and an entire year has lapsed and you might not have realized, you are past due. This makes it almost a part time job for Tami and Diana to keep track of who is current and not. Now our website can work for us, so that we can better give back to our profession. Please grow with us. Next week we will put the issue to vote, out on this site. This will give you the opportunity to vote and comment on the rise in dues.

See everyone 10/8 at JR’s.