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NTNP has 2 scholarships for TNP Leadership Academy. APPLY NOW!

Posted about 5 years ago by Shelagh Larson

NTNP is offering to pay for two members to attend the Leadership Academy. If you are interested please email me at

Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) Legislative Academy is a unique opportunity for Nurse Practitioners and other Advanced Practice Nurses to get first hand knowledge of the Legislative process in Texas and help us accomplish our legislative goals. The purpose of the TNP Legislative Academy is to motivate, educate, and empower TNP affiliates and general membership to become involved with the legislative process and TNP’s legislative agenda.

The academy will conduct periodic training/information sessions through teleconferences and meetings with experts that will help to develop grassroots advocacy skills necessary to influence key decision makers. Participants will learn about the many variables that can shape policy, the current political environment, and how this impacts nurse practitioners. Participants will also identify policy priorities and challenges and assess opportunities for addressing them.

Participants will receive training/information, along with professional development and continuing education, to enhance their effectiveness as advocates.  Participants will network with legislators, legislative staff, and policy experts.

The next TNP Legislative Academy will begin January 2014 and will continue through January 2015.  Participants are expected to participate and complete each session and corresponding assignments in order to receive their CEs:

1. In-Person Meetings:

The Legislative Process in Texas Workshop

January 12, 2014, San Marcos, Embassay Suites (8 a.m. - 11 a.m.)  OR April 26, 2014, San Antonio, Hyatt Hill Country 8:30-11:30 a.m. (held in conjuction with the Spring Conference) 
•    Recap of NP Legislative History
•    The Legislative Process in Texas
•    State vs. Federal – What Are the Issues?
•    APRN Rules in Texas
•    How To Do A Legislative Visit
•    What Can I Do – How Do I Get Involved?

Learning the Issues Workshop

September 4, 2014, Grand Hyatt: 8:30 - 11:45 a.m. (held during the Annual Conference)
•    Update on Interim State Grassroots Efforts
•    Gaining A National Prospective – Updates from around the Country
•    Discuss Legislative Agenda for Upcoming Session

Transition to Leadership

January - April 2015, Austin, TX (exact date TBD)
•    Attend a TNP Day at the Capitol at your assigned affiliate day one month during the next legislative session. Your final in person meeting will be to lead a small group through legislative visits during NP Affiliate Day in Austin to discuss TNP’s Legislative Agenda and complete a follow-up form.

Participants will not need to pay separately to attend these sessions during our conferences; however, if they wish to attend any other sessions or workshops during this time – they will need to pay separately for those opportunities.

2. Assignments:

January – June 2014:
•    Volunteer for Legislator block walking, phone banks, etc. or Attend Fundraiser and complete follow-up form.
•    Schedule and Complete In-District meeting #1 with Legislator and complete a follow-up form. 

October – December 2014:
•    Schedule and Complete In-District meeting #2 with Legislator and complete a follow-up form. 

3. Monthly Coaching Calls:

To be scheduled based on participant needs and availabilities.

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education is pending approval. CE certificates are awarded at the completion of the entire academy in the following January.


Applications will be available from October 5, 2013 through December 31, 2013. The introductory price is $99 for TNP members and $199 for Non-Members (which includes one-year of TNP membership). If you are interested in applying, please click here for an application.


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