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Importnat Letter from TNP president Michael Hazel

Posted over 4 years ago by Shelagh Larson

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APRNs graduate from their programs with the goal of working  to the full capacity of their training. We have witnessed as other states have granted their APRNs the ability to realize full practice authority. Texas is becoming more and more surrounded by these states. TNP and CNPA have worked over the years to make this a realization for Texas. However, we have become stuck in doing the same thing and, for some reason, expecting different results. Attached you will find breaking news from Michael Hazel, TNP president. TNP has decided to take this issue in a different direction. Please take the time to read the letter.  


Susan Spencer over 4 years ago

I certainly don't know what will finally turn the tide for full practice for Texas APRN's. I will support all efforts. The little bit we gained (e.g., the demise of geographic based limitations, Schedule II's in LIMITED settings) in the last legislative session seems to have gotten us more burdensome supervision documentation requirements. With all the other changes in the health care system and new ICD 10 codes, the last thing we needed was more documentation requirements. Despite my almost 20 years as a psychiatric APRN and nearly 15 years of psychiatric prescribing experience, since I was not with my current employing psychiatrist for the magic number of years I fell under the additional documentation requirements. Makes absolutely no sense!

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