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NTNP Opportunity to Get Involved - New Committees

Posted over 4 years ago by Shelagh Larson

To help us better serve you, our members, the Board is looking to expand opportunities to get involved. You have done a great job growing this chapter, now we want to step it up. We are creating four new committees that are in need of volunteers. Some of the committee obligations will be for long term planning/activities and some will be short term. You can join with friends or join to meet new people and connections.


This committee will be responsible for recruitment and retention to NTNP Metro West. Together this committee will develop ways make this organization the example for the rest of Texas NP groups. They will reach out to universities and organization. This Committee will be responsible for not only implementing, but developing, a membership marketing strategy and tactics. They will assist with membership contact, develop/revise Annual Membership Recruitment and Retention Plans, determine and respond to members' needs, implement methods to recognize and reward members and to involve members in Chapter committees, programs, and activities. The membership committee will be chaired the NTNP Metro West secretary.


Public relations involves getting the word out about NTNP Metro West and its value to the public and healthcare community through conversations, written or verbal, with opinion leaders, news media, customer and community networks and then having them write or talk about you. They will assist the board members in their responsibility to maintain a positive image of the organization in the community by planning for and monitoring public relations and publicity activities. The public relations committee develops a plan to provide the public with information about NTNP Metro West and promotes the chapter's service projects and activities through social media. This committee will report to the Vice President, Program chair.


Education Committee provides NTNP Metro West members with knowledge, resources and educational experiences to optimize their professional performance and practice. They will solicit applications for scholarships and prepare all applications for review and action. This committee will make suggestions to the Program Chair for educational presentations. They will help recruit preceptors and keep up the preceptor list. They will encourage continuing education programs and bringing them to the chapter. The Committee will strive not only to facilitate interactions for Texas nurse practitioners but also to promote and sustain interaction between scholars and practitioners. This committee will report to the NTNP Metro West Treasurer.


The Policy/Advocacy/Government (PAG) Committee will be the leaders that will report on the State and Federal legislative efforts and bills that effect NP practices to the chapter. They will work with TNP to organize and promote meetings with our local politicians. They will report on updates from the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners about rules the effect practice. They will promote the nominating committee for NTNP Metro West elections. They are a non-partisan group. They are encouraged to attend the TNP Legislative Academy. This committee works with the president of NTNP Metro West.

Please volunteer for one of these committees by clicking on the link below:

Volunteer Opportunitiees Selection: Click Here

You will be the difference. 

Thank you,

 Shelagh Larson