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NTNP MW Elections of Vice President and Treasurer

Posted about 4 years ago by Shelagh Larson

According to the bylaws set forth for NTNP Metro West, vice president and treasurer are to be elected on odd years. 2015 is around the corner. I am asking for nominees, both self and submitted with permission, for any active member who is interested in either post. These post are for two years, each. Below I will outline what is expected for each position. A nominating committee is also recommended to facilitate slate of nominees. We ask there be a committee of three active members to serve on this committee.

VICE President: elected on odd years and functions as president in the absence of elected president. This position is also responsible for working with drug representatives to arrange monthly meetings and post them through the site. This position is also responsible for sending any message related to monthly meetings: cancellation, reminders and changes in venues. This position is also chair of the social media/marketing committee.

Treasurer: shall be elected in odd years, receive funds of NTNP/MW, deposit such funds in the NTNP/MW bank account and disperse funds for payment of expenses. Approval of expense shall be determined by a quorum of the executive committee. Periodic audits shall be required for which the executive committee shall give the treasurer a minimum of one (1) months' notice. This position is also chair of the Scholarship committee.

Nominating committee (3 members): Any active member interested on serving on a committee that facilitates the electoral slate. This committee's duties: Identify potential leaders for the NTNP Metro West organization, including recruiting candidates for positions, coordinating the affiliate election, notifying the Board of officer's slate and notifying candidates of election results.

Please me know if you are interested in serving on the Board in either of these positions or serving on the Nominating Committee.

Sincerely, your NTNP MW president,

Shelagh Larson